The castle grounds are full of surprises. Architecture, art and nature come together here. A walk through the park includes dreamy paths, idyllic meadows and entrancing views of the castle. It may look untouched and natural, but in fact it was artfully designed along the lines of English landscape gardening. Three-hundred-year-old solitary trees and botanical rarities from all over the world will make any garden-lover’s heart beat faster. 32 hectares of natural scenery.


Wolke 7

We’d be delighted to welcome you to our beautiful park with its varied locations for your event. The stunning natural scenery will be a magical setting for your plein air celebration. For large-scale receptions and festivals, the 12,000-m² castle lawn is an ideal setting.

Our «Wolke 7» venue with 21 linear metres of bar offers an additional sheltered outdoor space surrounded by greenery.


Garden Pavilion

One of the most beautiful places on the castle grounds is our Garden Pavilion, which with its light-flooded, elegant architecture is a popular venue for weddings. The elaborately articulated tile construction from the mid-18th century stands exactly at the centre of what was once the baroque star garden. The Garden Pavilion was previously used as a theatre. Hold your celebration under mighty trees and enjoy the view of the castle – and with a reception afterwards your event will take on a truly princely character.


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